Our Sauces

The secret behind a great dish is the sauce that melds the flavors together.

Chef Bonita Lao has been sharing her mouth watering sauces for close to two decades and has now bottled her signature flavors for your kitchen. Bonita believes in great ingredients, combined with simple technique is the key to delicious and healthy home cooking. Our four signature sauce flavors will elevate the meals you are inspired to make at home.

Lilikoi BBQ Sauce

Hawaiian passion fruit adds a zing to this southern staple in her Lilikoi BBQ. Great a dip, or marinade.

Island Green Goddess

Creamy herb packed Island Green Goddess, as a dressing, dip, or marinade.

Hawaiian Ginger Peanut

Thai-style peanut sauce with a hint of Hawaiian Chili, as a dressing, dip, or marinade.

Mi So Good

Chef Bonita’s take on the quintessential umami dressing of Hawaii, Mi So Good, as a dressing, dip, or marinade.

Wild Rooster Sambal

An earthy take on a classic Sambal. Wild Rooster Sambal is a bright dressing, dip, or marinade.